Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ZJ Jeep Project: Maxxis Trepador for my Grand CRQ

After upgrading my Grand Cherokee ZJ Jeep suspension (I haven't wrote it post), including lifting my ZJ suspension 3", the next thing to do is replacing my old Dunlop Grantrek A/T with something M/T. I'm almost out of budget, so I can't effort BF Goodrich M/T KM2, too expensive. My options are: Bridgestone Dueler M/T, GT Radial Savero, Kumho (I'm not sure about quality), Federal Couragia and Maxxis Bighorn or Buckshot Mudder. Most all the time I'll use this car for on-road driving (80%), and once a month go for camping or adventure off-road  in the mountain. Due to my limited budget and space, I can't prepared 2 set of tires.

I'm familiar with bridgestone dueler M/T, the quality is good, and I'm also satisfied with its performance in dirt road.In tarmac and concrete road, ....hmmm noisy, and the model looks so old.. Federal Couragia is a new model available in Jakarta, however only few shops sell this tires, the tread pattern really impressed me, even though I don't know yet how its performance in dirty road or muddy road.

After visiting one tire shop who sell bridgestone and GT Radial, next destination is Maxxis tire shop. Actually I'm looking for Maxxis Bighorn or Buckshot Mudder. Bighorn tread pattern looks aggresive, and the buckshot looks very similar with Bridgestone M/T. Then my eyes stuck with Maxxis Trepador Radial, the tread patter really impressed me. Here the picture:

well, do you think?
The price slightly higher than Bighorn, ......according to the seller, this Trepador is more silent in asphalt road than bighorn or buckshot mudder.
This Trepador also have better grip in muddy road compare to Bighorn.

Here the factory description about Trepador:
  • Unique tread element arrangement ensures a uniform tread contact area for sure-footed handling.
  • Multi-stage staggered shoulder pattern provides improved control even on the most difficult off-road and rocky terrain.
  • Nylon belt-reinforced tire construction improves puncture resistance and prolongs tread life.
So....., I choose Maxxis Trapador for my ZJ Jeep, the size is 31" x 10.5 R15. It cost Rp 1.450.000,- for each (approx. US$ 157)

The above picture shows the Trepador have been installed to my Grand Cherokee, as I mention in my previous posting, I also installed 3cm tire spacer.

How the Trepador performance for daily use?..... I'll post the my experience with  Maxxis Trepador next month.

ZJ Jeep Project: add 3cm tire spacer

Last year I added 3 cm spacer to my grand ZJ, the main function of this spacer is to prevent the front tire (installed with 31" tire) rubbing the lower control arm when turning. The other function..... made the ZJ looking better...he...he, depend on your taste.....

The installation is simple, less than 30 minutes for all tires. Why only 3 cm? Because 3 cm is thick enough, strong enough, not easy to brake. With 3 cm spacer will not affected the wheel axes, minimized pendulum effect (compare to thicker spacer) and no need balancing before installation.

So, my front tire not rubbing lower control arm after I installed the 3 cm spacer, however..... a new problem rise, the front  tire rubbing the lower part of plastic bumper when turning......he....he, just cut it a little bit.

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